Cardiogolf Non-Dominant Side Workout

Golf is a one-sided sport.  We set up to the ball on the same side  every single time, we turn back behind the ball in the same direction every single time and then we follow-through in the same direction every single time and we do this for hundreds of repetitions, at high speeds, for hours at a time.  It’s no wonder many golfers suffer injuries, aches and pains.

If you are a right-handed golfer, your dominant side (right) is stronger, more flexible and more coordinated than your non-dominant side (left).  The opposite for left-handed golfer.  The problem with this is that the dominant may take over in the golf swing and cause swing faults that can lead to swing compensations and injuries.

Studies show that focusing on training your non-dominant side can accelerate your improvement.  The same study says that the combination of core and non-dominant arm strength exercises can provide a more effective specialized training program than core alone training for golfers to increase their drive distances.

Check out my non-dominant side exercises that I incorporate into my Cardiogolf classes to improve strength, flexibility and coordination on my weaker side.


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Fall 2017-Cardiogolf Certification for Golf and Fitness Professionals

Cardiogolf is a unique golf-fitness program designed to teach the mechanics of the swing without hitting a ball. Created by LPGA National Teacher of the Year Karen Palacios-Jansen, Cardiogolf classes take you through a battery of drills and exercises to help you improve your swing and get some exercise at the same time.

  • Seven hours of live instruction with CG creator Karen Palacios-Jansen
  • 200 page digital manual
  • 20 original Cardiogolf workout routines provided
  • 150 instructional videos of individual exercises
  • Resources and on-going support
  • Certificate of completion
  • Continuing education credits from LPGA, AFAA and NASM
Core benefits of Cardiogolf for participants include:

• Improve overall health and fitness
• Improve or learn the golf swing technique
• All skill levels benefit with Cardiogolf tiered programs

Core benefits of Cardiogolf for golf facilities and gyms include:

• Drive traffic into facilities
• Cultivate a unique relationship with repeat customers
• Create a stream of income for trainers and golf professionals
• Cardiogolf training equipment and gear to be sold in stores and online

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Cardiogolf certification


CARDIOGOLF is a complete turn-key golf fitness program that provides revenue with unique programs. To learn more contact us.

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KT Tape is For Me

If you watched Michelle Wie win the Women’s US Open back in 2014, then you may have thought to yourself ‘what’s the deal with the weird tape on her leg.’  I did too, so I did some research and found out it that it is special tape to relieve pain from injury.  I had some aches and pains, so I was wondering if the tape would help me too.


According to studies,  62 percent of amateurs will sustain a significant golf injury, typically because they’re out of shape, have poor swing mechanics, or don’t adequately warm up. For the professional golfer, that number is even higher—85 percent—but their injuries tend to come from over-use and/or from an acute injuries like hitting a root or a tree.

Many golfers, like myself, have suffered through rounds of golf because of pain in joints and muscles. In particular, I have suffered with tendontisis in my right elbow from over-use  on and off the golf course for more than two years.  I have tried all sorts of treatments, including shots, medication and therapy, but the treatment that has helped me the most is using tape. But not just any tape: it’s got to be KT TAPE.

What is KT TAPE

KT TAPE is an elastic sports and fitness tape designed for muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support. World class athletes have been using  it for years because of its ability to accelerate healing, increase circulation and relieve muscle pain and swelling, which can help improve performance.

How does KT TAPE work-

KT TAPE is applied along muscles, ligaments, and tendons (soft tissue) to provide a lightweight, external support that helps you remain active while recovering from injuries. KT TAPE creates neuromuscular feedback (called proprioception) that inhibits (relaxes) or facilitates stronger firing of muscles and tendons. This feedback creates support elements without the bulk and restriction commonly associated with wraps and heavy bracing.

For me KT TAPE has allowed me to play, practice and teach golf with much less pain. But don’t just take my word you should try it yourself.

 Tendonitis in the Elbows-

Tendonitis (irritation and inflammation of the tendon tissue) is the most common condition affecting the elbow.  It is frequently referred to as “tennis elbow” when there is an injury to the outer tendon, and “golfer’s elbow” when there is an injury to the inner tendon.  Interestingly enough, most golfers suffer more from “tennis elbow” than “golfer’s elbow.”

The risk of getting tendonitis increases with age, and is higher in people who routinely perform activities that require repetitive movements that increase stress on susceptible tendons, such as hitting golf balls. In addition, even with less repetition, these type of injuries can be aggravated by an improper swing motion.

Treatment focuses on resting the injured tendon to allow healing, decreasing inflammation, promoting muscle strength, and improving improper swing mechanics. In most patients, tendonitis readily resolves with treatment.

Click on the videos below to see how to properly apply KT TAPE.

Fitness for Golfers-Pilates Ab 5

In the golf swing, the spine must stabilize as other parts of the body move. So it is important to strengthen core muscles.  If core muscles surrounding the spine are weak, then those muscles can’t contract to create resistance to allow the arms to swing freely through the ball.

It is important to strengthen core muscles, not only to create power in the golf swing, but to protect the spine from the force of the golf swing.

This series of classical Pilates moves, collectively known as the Series of Five or ‘Ab 5’, is essential for golfers who want to improve core strength and stability.

In these exercises, you will be stabilizing your spine and core muscles as your arms and legs move in different directions just like you have to do in the golf swing.

Watch as 15 to Fit Pilates, Barre and Fitness owner, Patrea Aeschliman, coaches me as I demonstrate the ‘Ab 5’ series. Join me as I take the #15toFitAb5Challenge where I do ‘Ab 5’ every day this year.

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Cardiogolf 18 Hole Upper Body Strength Routine 006

According to golf fitness experts, key upper body muscles are the pectoralis major (chest), latissimus dorsi (back), core and forearm muscles. 

It is important to maintain your upper body strength. Upper body strength is critical to developing a good swing as the upper body helps create a good wind up, assists in bringing the the club to impact, squaring the club face and creating speed.

This Cardiogolf upper body routine concentrates on strengthen the biceps, triceps, chest, and upper back as well as help you improve your swing technique.

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LPGA Master Professional & AAFA Certified Fitness Trainer