Stretch Your Body in December

December is Cardiogolf Flexibility Awareness Month

There is only one month until we ring in a New Year.  For many of us, this is the time where we resolve to finally get into the best shapes of our lives. But waiting unitl the New Year to start a fitness program and then going ‘full blast’ lifting heavy weights could lead, not only to loss of interest in program, if it is too difficult, but to injury too. Sign up for my blog to see different flexibility exercises all this month to improve your body and golf game.

If you begin a strength training program without preparing your body,  by stretching first, you may not gain any benefits for your golf game and worse, you could injure yourself.  You need you need to stretch out tight and unbalanced muscles before you start to build them up.

So I have officially declared December as “Cardiogolf Flexibility Awareness Month”.  Try to do something everyday in December to improve your flexiblity and loosen tight muscles so that when the New Year rolls around, your body is ready to handle the demands of a vigorous fitness regime.  Are you with me?


Do Something Everyday to Stretch Your Body

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