Mid-Season Short Game Boot Camp-Pitching and Rotation Workout

To develop feel around the greens for those shots that 80 yards or less, you need to spend tons of time practicing.  By simply hitting hundreds of pitch shots to a target, you can figure out how far to swing the club back to hit the distance you need.  But who has time to stand on the range and hit hundreds of balls? Not many of us do, but that doesn’t mean that your short game has to suffer because you don’t have the time to practice.

By simply adding in a few golf specific exercises and refining your pitching technique, you can improve your feel around the greens.

The trick to pitching is controlling the distance you hit each shot and you’ll want to do this with the rotation of your body, not by flipping the clubhead with your hands.  Here is the technique:

1. Narrow stance to stabilize lower body.  You don’t want a lot of weight shift on the backswing.  Think of a pitch as a one axis swing.

2. Open your stance, but keep your shoulders square, you still want to hit the inside of the ball.

3. Lean the shaft forward towards the target at address position.

4. Wrist Action is Key…The club must work up, so you need to hinge your wrists as you start the backswing.

5. Even though this is no weight shift on backswing you need a little on the downswing and follow-through. You need to rotate your body.

6. Hands ahead at impact.

7. Your backswing and downswing will not necessarily be the same length.

8. Experiment with the ball position and clubface angle-try different ball positions and open and close the face for different trajectories.

To learn this pitching technique check out one of my live online webcam classes.

To improve your body rotation, add these golf-specific exercises into your daily routine.  These exercises will strengthen your core to not only protect your back but improve your short game.

Do each exercise for 10 repetitions on each side.  Repeat up to 3 times. To learn how to do these exercises, check out my live online webcam classes.

V-Sit Rotation

Swiss Ball Rotation

Kneeling Rotation

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Golf Fitness Workout to Increase Distance and Consistency-Cardiogolf

Cardiogolf is a golf specific workout designed by LPGA Teacher of the Year Karen Palacios-Jansen. Participants learn exercises to promote better swing mechanics, flexibility, strength and balance throughout the golf swing. The routine is a combination of swing drills and golf specific exercises. It accommodates every golfer regardless of gender, age and skill level or fitness level. All you need is a 4 x 4 sq ft space to do the golf swing exercises. If you don’t have a short practice club or enough room to swing a club, you can use a soccer ball or tennis racquet to simulate the golf swing. We will be doing practice swings, but you can do all the exercises without a club as well. I will show you how. We will not actually be hitting balls, but exercises to improve your swing mechanics as well as flexibility and strength.

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