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Pump Drill for More Power

In order to create power on your downswing, you need to ‘get behind the ball’ at the top of your swing. This involves rotating your shoulders and hips away from the target, so the majority of your weight shifts to the back foot at the top of the swing. Once you have wound your body up behind the ball, then you can rotate your lower body towards the target and fling your arms to hit the ball.

Where a lot of people go wrong, especially on the downswing, is they never quite get their core rotating towards the target.  They either come over the top with upper body or hang back and use only hands and arms to hit the ball.  To get more power, you’ll want to use your core muscles.

Pump Drill

Check out this simple exercise that appears on Golf Channel Academy to engage your core on the downswing.

One way to get a more automatic swing is to do drills and exercises without hitting shots. When you repeat drills, you ingrain the feelings and you improve faster.  When you do drills, making several repetitions, your muscles start to get feel and you don’t have to think so much.

Click here to watch how to do the PUMP DRILL-

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