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Cardiogolf Class Demo

Professional golfers know the importance of athletic development for golf. As a recreational golfer, you may not have the time to train like an elite athlete, but by simply adding a few swing drills into your daily routine, you can dramatically improve your game.

In my Cardiogolf classes, you will learn exercises that help increase your flexibility, endurance, strength and balance all specific to golf.

In Cardiogolf class, I use short practice clubs to do exercises and swing drills.  The club is short for a couple of reasons:

  • the short club is easy to swing indoors without hitting the walls or ceilings
  • the clubhead is closer to your hands, so it is easy to monitor the clubface and learn how to square the face at impact
  • since you are not hitting balls with the short club, there is no judgement of where the ball goes, so you can work on your technique without getting frustrated
  • the club is lighter than a regular club, so you can learn to swing the club faster to develop clubhead speed

Making practice swings will not only tone your muscle and burn some calories, but the act of swinging over and over again can help you improve your swing technique and improve muscular endurance.

Our practice swings are usually smoother, longer and more on-plane with better tempo than our real swings.  As you make practice swings, you can focus on making certain motions to improve technique such as making a fuller shoulder turn, keeping your spine angle throughout the swing and shifting your weight correctly.

As you make practice swings, you can swing faster than you usually do to help you get used to swinging faster to improve clubhead speed. As you make practice swings, you can work on certain moves in your swing without worrying where the ball is going.

A few things to think about while you are making your practice swings…

  • Look down at where a ball would be and try to simulate hitting a ball as much as possible
  • Work on your swing fundamentals.  Monitor your posture, alignment, ball position and grip to make sure they are correct
  • Keep your head level throughout your swing
  • Complete each practice swing by holding your finish for a moment, as if you were watching your ball fly down the fairway
  • Imagine the perfect golf shot as you swing
  • Finish in balance
  • Start each swing from the beginning; don’t swing back and forth continuously
  • Make each swing as if you were hitting a real shot

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Get ready for More Pars at the famous Pinehurst Resort. A golfer’s paradise. This school is a special treat. You’ll enjoy Christina Ricci, top-selling golf author, LPGA and TPI Golf 3 and Karen Palacios-Jansen, LPGA Master Professional and creator of CardioGolf.

This 4-day golf school open to men and women will catapult your game to more pars and includes:


Clinic sessions jam-packed with practical game-improving tips that are tailored for your level of play.


Transfer your skills to the course with focused play and reinforcement tips from Christina and Karen.


Walk away with loads of new skills that will improve your ball striking and lower your handicap.


A fun and fast-moving fitness program designed to shape your swing and trim your score

For more information and to register click here- Journey to More Pars

KPJ on The Golf Channel

Thanks to LPGA T &CP Headquarters and The Golf Channel for inviting me this week to do a few tips for Golf Channel Academy.  Stay tuned for new golf instructional tips this year.  In the meantime, here are a couple of my favorite tips that I have done in the past.

Click here –How to Hit Draws and Fades

Click here-Sand Drill 

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Cardiogolf Available on The New VC Golf Sport Headphones

Start your own golf fitness program in the comfort of your own home or office. New headphones allow you to listen to me as a I take you through my Cardiogolf 30-Day Golf Fitness Program. The headphones are also preloaded with many hours worth of psychological coaching, mental preparation, practice drills and workouts, from world class golf psychologists.

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FX-Sport’s innovative VC Golf headphones give golfers world class insight into all aspects of golf psychology, how to practice correctly and how to improve on-course energy and overall golf fitness. The patented sport headphones are lightweight, water resistant and fit wire-free “on the ear.” Complete with an integrated 8GB premium mp3 player, the VC Golf arrives preloaded with many hours’ worth of psychological coaching, mental preparation, practice drills and workouts from cutting edge golf psychologists, coaches and trainers. Many other workouts in different fitness categories are also packaged in VC Golf as a bonus feature. Click here to read press release. 

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Fall 2017-Cardiogolf Certification for Golf and Fitness Professionals

Cardiogolf is a unique golf-fitness program designed to teach the mechanics of the swing without hitting a ball. Created by LPGA National Teacher of the Year Karen Palacios-Jansen, Cardiogolf classes take you through a battery of drills and exercises to help you improve your swing and get some exercise at the same time.

  • Seven hours of live instruction with CG creator Karen Palacios-Jansen
  • 200 page digital manual
  • 20 original Cardiogolf workout routines provided
  • 150 instructional videos of individual exercises
  • Resources and on-going support
  • Certificate of completion
  • Continuing education credits from LPGA, AFAA and NASM
Core benefits of Cardiogolf for participants include:

• Improve overall health and fitness
• Improve or learn the golf swing technique
• All skill levels benefit with Cardiogolf tiered programs

Core benefits of Cardiogolf for golf facilities and gyms include:

• Drive traffic into facilities
• Cultivate a unique relationship with repeat customers
• Create a stream of income for trainers and golf professionals
• Cardiogolf training equipment and gear to be sold in stores and online

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Cardiogolf certification


CARDIOGOLF is a complete turn-key golf fitness program that provides revenue with unique programs. To learn more contact us.

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