Got Slice?

Slicing the ball is one of the most frustrating shots in golf. Slice spins moves the ball from left to right, like the shape of a banana. Slice spin makes the ball go higher and takes distance off the ball. The lower lofted the clubs, like a driver, exaggerates the fault . Here is a tip to help you get out of slicing the ball that you can do indoors or on the course.

Off-Course Exercise

Hold a club so that the clubhead is about waist height. Make a few practice swings with the club parallel to the ground. This exercise will help round out your swing and make your downswing come more from the inside of the target line. Slicer’s swing the opposite way. They come over-the-top or swing down from outside of the target line and cut across the ball causing the spin slice.

On-Course Exercise-

The next time you find yourself waiting to tee off, go over to the edge of the tee box where the teeing ground is above your feet. Making a few swings standing on the side of the tee box and having the club above your feet will help you feel what it’s like to swing from inside the target line instead of from the outside of the target line.

When it’s time to actually tee off, try to feel and make that same swing shape you just practiced. Give it a try. It’s a quick fix, but it should help your swing.

Fix Your Slice

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Stronger Legs=Stronger Swing

Do something everyday to work out your body and improve your golf game.  One of the most important movements in golf is the squat position.  You set up in a squat position at address position and you want to maintain that squat throughout the swing.  To squat properly, you need leg strength.  Leg strength will also help you transfer body weight onto the lead leg and to extend the hips up through impact.  This move creates a tremendous amount of force to help create power. So if you want power in your swing, you should be squatting everyday.

You need to maintain a squat position all the way through your swing

Basic Squat

1. Stand with your legs wider than your shoulders. You can use a club for balance.

2. Lower your rear-end backwards towards the floor.

3. Maintain a straight back while you lower yourself towards the ground.

4.  Try to lower your thighs parallel to the ground.

5. Slowing stand up and repeat.

6. Do 8 to 10 repetitions working up to 3 sets.

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Cardiogolf Core Rotational Circuit

Golf Fitness Confidential by KPJ Golf

We have all heard about the importance of core strength. Core strength refers to the strength of the muscles deep within the abdominals, hips, lower and upper back. Core muscles initiate the movement of the golf swing and help provide balance and power to your swing. Strength in the core muscles can also prevent injuries.

Incorporating core strengthening exercises into your daily routine will not only help improve the efficiency of your swing, but will help you flatten your belly to look and move better. When your core is strong, you are able to rotate it faster in your golf swing creating more clubhead speed.  We hardly rotate our core during normal day activities, so you have to seek out rotational exercises. Here is a short core rotational circuit that you can incorporate into your workout routine.

Off-Course Exercise-

These are exercises that I use in my Cardiogolf routine. Move quickly and smoothly through each exercise. Do each exercise for 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat circuit 2 to 3 times. As you perform each exercise, allow the strength and energy to start in lower body and pass to upper body as you rotate. As you become better at the movement, you will be able to add weight (such as a medicine ball) and perform more repetitions.

Pivot Drill
Pivot Drill
Pivot Drill
Tilted Windmill
Tilted Windmill
Stretch Band Swing

Check out my Cardiogolf program.  It is a great way to get some exercise and practice your golf swing at same time.

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Off-Course Exercise for a Better Shoulder Turn

Golf Fitness Confidential by KPJ Golf

You can work on your golf game in two ways: 1) you can work on your swing, trying to get into correct positions by practicing your swing at the driving range. 2) or you can work on your fitness, training your body to move better. You can accelerate your progress if you combine golf practice and play with golf fitness. Over the next few weeks, I will present on and off-course exercises to help you improve your game and fitness.

Off-Course Exercise –

Dynamic Child’s Pose

If your body is stiff and you can’t move freely, then you will have a hard time swinging a club consistently. If your body can’t move in a certain way to swing correctly, then it automatically finds other ways to move to get the job done. If your shoulder and latissimus dorsi muscles (the muscles along your back under your arms) lack the correct range of motion or are stiff and tight, then your body will make compensations especially on the downswing to make up for the lack of freedom. This simple exercise called the Dynamic Child’s Pose can help you increase your mobility in this area.

Ideally you want to be able to turn your shoulders twice as far as your hips

Step by Step:

1. Kneel on the ground and sit on top of your heels.

2. Keep your back straight and your tummy tucked in tight.

3. Slowly bend forward from the waist, touch your forehead to the ground and reach your arms straight out.

4. Touch your palms to the floor.

5. Hold this position for 8 to 10 seconds and then release.

6. Work up to holding this position for 20 to 30 seconds.

I like to do this exercise without shoes so that it is easier to stretch ankles. This exercise not only stretches out your shoulders and lats, but stretches your back, hips and ankles. This is a great exercise to do after your round of golf to resort your spine from all the twisting and turning.

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Check out my Cardiogolf program. It is a great way to get some exercise and work on your swing at the same time.

Bienestar Físico para Golf

Puede trabajar en su juego del golf en dos maneras: 1) puede tratar de cambiar el swing, tratando de entrar en posiciones correctas practicando en la cancha de pracitca. 2) o puede trabajar en su forma física, entrenando su cuerpo para mover mejor. Puede acelerar su progreso si combina la práctica del golf y el juego con el bienestar física para golf. Sobre las próximas semanas, yo presentaré ejercicios para ayudarlo a mejorar su juego y la salud.

La Postura de Niño Dinámica

Si su cuerpo es tieso y usted no puede mover libremente, entonces tendrá problemas columpiando un swing coherentemente. Si su cuerpo no puede mover en una cierta manera de columpiar correctamente, entonces encuentra automáticamente que otras maneras de mover a conseguir el trabajo hecho. Si el hombro y músculos de dorsi de latissimus (los músculos por la espalda bajo sus armamentos) falta la gama correcta de movimiento o es tieso y apretado, entonces su cuerpo hará compensaciones especialmente en la recesión para compensar la falta de libertad.

Este ejercicio sencillo llamó la Postura del Niño Dinámica lo puede ayudar a aumentar su movilidad en esta área.

1. Arrodíllese en el suelo y siéntese encima de los tacones.

2. Mantenga la espalda recta y la barriguita remetió apretado.

3. Lentamente curva delantera de la cintura, toca la frente al suelo y alcanza sus armamentos derecho fuera.

4. Toque las palmas al suelo.

5. Tenga esta posición para 8 a 10 segundos y entonces suelte.

6. Trabaje hasta tener esta posición para 20 a 30 segundos.

Hago este ejercicio sin zapatos para que sea más fácil de estirar los tobillos. Este ejercicio no sólo extiende los hombros y los latitudes, pero apoya, las caderas y los tobillos. Esto es un gran ejercicio de hacer después de que su serie del golf para recurrir su espina dorsal de todo el torcer y la vuelta.

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I teach Golf and Pilates. I am a LPGA Master Professional and Certified Personal and Pilates Trainer