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Get ready for More Pars at the famous Pinehurst Resort. A golfer’s paradise. This school is a special treat. You’ll enjoy Christina Ricci, top-selling golf author, LPGA and TPI Golf 3 and Karen Palacios-Jansen, LPGA Master Professional and creator of CardioGolf.

This 4-day golf school open to men and women will catapult your game to more pars and includes:


Clinic sessions jam-packed with practical game-improving tips that are tailored for your level of play.


Transfer your skills to the course with focused play and reinforcement tips from Christina and Karen.


Walk away with loads of new skills that will improve your ball striking and lower your handicap.


A fun and fast-moving fitness program designed to shape your swing and trim your score

For more information and to register click here- Journey to More Pars

Pre-Season Check Points-Alignment

If you live in the Southeast like I do, golf season has already started.  The warm weather pushes people outside and on to the golf course.  To start your season out right, do a few quick fundamental checks to make sure that you start your golf season on the right track.

If you have a hard time aligning yourself up on the golf course, try this quick inside alignment drill to assure you are aiming at your target.

Quick Alignment Check

  1. Aim down your target line.
  2. Place a club along your foot line.
  3. Your feet should  not align at your target.  If  your feet are pointing directly at your target or any other direction except for parallel to target line,  you will have to make swing compensations.
  4. You need to adjust your set up until you are aligned correctly.

Click here to see my favorite training aide. 

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Golf Season is still weeks away-take advantage of this off-time to get in golf shape

Spring is still weeks away. Why not use this time, that you have to spend indoors anyway, to get into golf shape.  By the time spring rolls around, you’ll be better equipped to hit the links!

Here are 11 reasons to start a golf-fitness program to motivate you to get to the gym.  

Need more motivation?  Check out the new FX-Headphones pre-loaded with my Cardiogolf 30-Day Program.

If you have always wanted to start a golf-fitness program, but don’t know how to start, try my Cardiogolf 30-Day Golf-Fitness Program.  Now you  can start your own golf fitness program in the comfort of your own home or office. New FX-Headphones allow you to listen to me as a I take you through my Cardiogolf 30-Day Golf Fitness Program. The headphones are also preloaded with many hours worth of psychological coaching, mental preparation, practice drills and workouts, from world class golf psychologists.

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Cardiogolf Non-Dominant Side Workout

Golf is a one-sided sport.  We set up to the ball on the same side  every single time, we turn back behind the ball in the same direction every single time and then we follow-through in the same direction every single time and we do this for hundreds of repetitions, at high speeds, for hours at a time.  It’s no wonder many golfers suffer injuries, aches and pains.

If you are a right-handed golfer, your dominant side (right) is stronger, more flexible and more coordinated than your non-dominant side (left).  The opposite for left-handed golfer.  The problem with this is that the dominant may take over in the golf swing and cause swing faults that can lead to swing compensations and injuries.

Studies show that focusing on training your non-dominant side can accelerate your improvement.  The same study says that the combination of core and non-dominant arm strength exercises can provide a more effective specialized training program than core alone training for golfers to increase their drive distances.

Check out my non-dominant side exercises that I incorporate into my Cardiogolf classes to improve strength, flexibility and coordination on my weaker side.



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Fitness and Game Improvement Program

Professional golfers know the importance of athletic development for golf. As a recreational golfer, you may not have the time to train like an elite athlete, but by simply adding a few swing drills into your daily routine, you can dramatically improve your game. And you don’t have to go to the golf course or driving range, you can do these exercises at home.

Hi, I am Karen Palacios-Jansen, creator of Cardiogolf. I have been teaching golf and fitness for more than 20 years. A few year ago, I decided to combine the two, together, into a unique fitness and game improvement program to help golfers increase strength, flexibility, endurance and swing technique and no golf ball is required. You know you need to exercise for better health, so if you are a golfer, why not work on your golf swing and get some exercise at the same time.

To do the Cardiogolf routines, you need a few pieces of equipment like hand weights, medicine balls and a step. You also need some space to swing a real golf club or short practice club and then you simply follow my cues as I take you through a battery of drills to help you improve your game and get some exercise at the same time.

Get ready to shape up your swing and trim your score with Cardiogolf.

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