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Golf-Fitness is Not Easy, But Nothing Easy is Ever Worth Doing

It would be totally awesome, if you could just buy new driver or get a quick tip on the driving range before your round of golf to fix your game and play your best. But you all know, deep down inside, that quick fixes and new equipment can never really cure a lifetime of bad swing habits and physical limitations.

Truly the only way to improve your golf game is to constantly push yourself physically and mentally beyond your comfort zone.

Golf-fitness will always feel hard because it is exercise and exercise is work. Exercise elevates your heart rate, takes your breath away, makes you sweat and causes your muscles to burn and fatigue. It is tiring and sometimes even painful. Exercise does get easier with time, but it will never be easy. If it were easy and it didn’t challenge you, then it wouldn’t be exercise and it wouldn’t improve the way you move, feel and look.

The good news is that, regardless of your age or current physical abilities, it has been proven that exercise can add years to your life, prevent illness and disease and make you feel and look better. And you don’t need to spend hours in the gym.  New studies show that even short bursts of exercise and movement are just as effective as long fitness sessions.

What can golf-fitness do for your golf game? 

An efficient golf swing requires stability, power, balance, and coordination. A golf-fitness program provides the foundation to build all these necessary characteristics. Strength and flexibility are essential to producing distance and increasing swing speed. Many swing faults are the result of poor fitness; therefore, strength and flexibility through a golf-fitness program make it possible to swing efficiently.


I am not making this stuff up. Check out how tour players Lexi Thompson, Dustin Johnson and our own Scott McCarron work on their golf-fitness.

Cardiogolf Creator, LPGA Teaching Professional, Golf-Fitness Specialist and Certfied Pilates Instructor Karen Jansen teams up with 15 to Fit Pilates, Barre and Fitness to help you take your game to the next level.

Karen will design an individualized golf-specific workout program for you combining Pilates reformer exercises with her unique Cardiogolf fitness program to help you improve your core strength, posture, balance, flexibility and swing technique to build more a powerful and repeatable golf swing.

Five Session Package Includes:

(2) Pilates Reformer Sessions to improve overall strength, flexibility, coordinaCon, balance and to help prevent injury
(2) Cardiogolf Sessions with drills to improve swing technique and lower your scores
(1) Fitness Screen and Golf Swing Assessment

Package Price: $595.00

Get Started Today!

Click here to see my favorite training aide. 


Karen Palacios-Jansen is a LPGA Class A Teaching Professional and a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in Golf Fitness. Karen serves as the National Vice President of the LPGA Teaching And Club Professionals Membership and has been voted as one of America’s  “Top 50 Golf-Fitness Professionals” by Golf Digest Magazine and  “Top 50 Instructor” by LPGA.  Karen received the prestigious LPGA National Teacher of the Year award in 2008.

LPGA Teaching and Course ProfessionalsKaren Palacios-Jansen is the creator of Cardiogolf, a golf-fitness program available at Cardiogolf.comKaren’s website at www.kpjgolf.comis a ‘must-see’ resource for golf and fitness instruction. Follow Karen online on Twitter and Facebook.

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Do the Cardiogolf Pre-Round Warm Up Routine.

Practice something about your game everyday. #CardioGolfChallenge

Watch Karen Palacios-Jansen, LPGA Teaching Professional, demonstrate how to add power to your swing.

Your ability to create power comes from your lower body. If you are lacking power in your golf swing, it could be from a faulty weight shift. Using only arms in your golf swing, restricts your power and causes a variety of mis-hits. Learning to shift your weight is key to adding power into your swing.

Try this exercise is to help build a powerful weight shift.

Lateral Bounding
  • Stand with your feet together.
  • Hop laterally onto your right foot.
  • Immediately change directions and hop laterally to the left foot. Continue hoping side to side without stopping.
  • The key is to hop and land lightly on your feet. Get some air under your feet.
  • Repeat for 10 to 15 repetitions alternating side to side.
  • To make it more challenging, hop with both feet together.

My friends at GolfGym were inspired by my Cardiogolf program and designed the New GolfGym 23″ Shortee Training Club for my students to practice indoors just like I do in Cardiogolf.

Practice something about your game everyday. #CardioGolfChallenge

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History of Golf in the Olympics

Although many top golfers are opting out of the Olympics this summer in Rio, I am still excited to watch the golf competition to see how it unfolds in history.

I have great respect for all the Olympians whom have spent a life time training for their one chance at glory, which may only last 10 seconds on a track or two minutes in a pool.  Although golfers may have not grown up dreaming of winning a gold medal like other athletes, I think once the golfers get to Olympics and feel the atmosphere, they will appreciate the competition and relish in the moment.  Let’s hope anyway.

The first modern Olympic Games, held in Athens in 1896, had 14 nations represented with 43 events. However, it wasn’t until the Paris Olympics, where 28 nations were represented, that golf was listed as one of the 75 events. The men played two rounds (36 holes) to decide the medals, and women played a 9-hole tournament. The men’s gold medal winner was Walter Rutherford of Jedburgh, Scotland and the women’s gold medal winner was  Margaret Abbott of the Chicago Golf Club.

The 2016 Summer Olympics will be the first time for golf to be played at the Olympics since the 1904 Summer Olympics and it is to feature two events, the men’s and women’s individual events.  These Olympics will feature  a 72-hole individual stroke play tournament. In the event of a tie for any of the first three positions, a three-hole playoff will determine the medal winners.

The US Men’s Olympic Team includes: Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Patrick Reed and Matt Kuchar.

The US Women’s Olympic Team includes: Lexi Thompson, Stacy Lewis and Gerina Pillar.