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Mid-Summer Shape Up

There is still plenty of summer and time left to play your best golf ever.  If  your game hasn’t improved as much as you wanted to this summer, try adding some golf-specific exercises into your daily routine to help you move better and swing more freely.

Power Exercises

Contrary to popular belief,  golf is an explosive sport. Like other explosive sports (football, track and field, tennis),  you start in a static position, then swing as fast as you can, in a matter of seconds,  to speeds of up to 100 mph.

The body needs to train to move explosively as well as change speeds rapidly and generate quick busts of motion in different directions. Here are a few examples of exercises that will help you do this.   These types of exercises may not look like what you do in a golf swing, but they use the same muscles and movement patterns used in the golf swing.

These exercises have you start in a static position, then move explosively while changing directions quickly, just like in the golf swing. Here are 6 exercises to help you build strength and speed.  Thanks to our model Cathy Vasto for demonstrating these exercises to help you develop explosive strength for golf.

  1. Skating Cross Backs
  2. Jump Squats
  3. Slide and Glide
  4. Modified Kettle Bell Swings
  5. Modified Dips
  6. Modified Push-Ups

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Cathy Slide and jump squats 

Double Click on Image for Larger View Cathy slide and kettle bell swing Double Click on Image for Larger View Cathy dips and pushups Double Click on Image for Larger View

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Favorite Tip #7-Cure Your Slice with Push-Ups

I posted over 100 golf-fitness and instructional tips in 2015.  So in case you missed some, I will re-post my favorite ones over the next several weeks. Let me know which is your favorite blog post.

Favorite Tip #7-Cure Your Slice with Push-Ups

Many golfers that slice know they ‘come over the top’ on the downswing which is the most typical cause of a slice, so they are constantly doing exercises and drills to try to improve the downswing.

But in many instances the downswing fault comes from not making a complete shoulder turn on the backswing.  When the backswing is short and incomplete then the tendency will be to throw the club ‘over the top’ causing an out to in path and slice.

By simply working on completing a shoulder turn will automatically get the club into a better position at the top to improve the clubhead path on the downswing.

Push-ups not only develop shoulder and core strength to make a better turn, but also help golfers learn to move their arms independently from the chest which is important to swing the club on an inside path.


  1. Start in a plank position. Your hands should be directly under your shoulders with straight arms.
  2. Slowly bend from your elbows and drop your chest to the ground.  Maintain the spine and hips in alignment.
  3. Go down as far as you can and return to start position.
  4. Do as many repetitions as you can working up to 10 repetitions.