What is Cardiogolf?

Cardiogolf is a golf-specific workout designed by LPGA Teacher of the Year Karen Palacios-Jansen. Using the specially designed Cardio Club participants learn exercises to promote better swing mechanics, flexibility, strength and balance throughout the golf swing. The exercises are set to music which makes this program ideal for a group exercise class. It accommodates every golfer regardless of gender, age and skill level or fitness level.

Who developed Cardiogolf?

The Cardiogolf Fitness Program was created by Karen Palacios-Jansen.  Karen, an AFAA certified personal trainer and LPGA teaching professional, is the managing editor for Golf Fitness Magazine and was recently voted LPGA Teacher of the Year. Karen is regular guest instructor at golf expos and on television and radio.  Over the years she has instructed hundreds of professional and amateur golfers using this unique and effective program and has been featured in several top golf publications illustrating this success.

Why Cardiogolf?

Karen used to have a dilemma: spend her free time working out or working on her golf swing.  Golf may be good mental exercise, but as far as a physical exertion it can’t compete with other cardiovascular exercises.  So she got to thinking, maybe she could do both at the same time.

Learning to play golf requires a lot of time, effort and money.  To play consistently, you must spend countless hours at a golf course. To achieve power, you must train your body, spending time in the gym lifting weights and stretching most days of the week. Cardiogolf combines golf swing mechanics with strength and flexibility exercises to kill two birds with one stone.

Through analysis and research Karen developed a program that revolutionizes how people learn and practice the game of golf.  Cardiogolf is a way for golfers to improve their swing mechanics and fitness levels at the same time.

Where is Cardiogolf available?

Cardiogolf is now a 60-minute instructional DVD available on-line at The Cardiogolf kit includes one 60-minute DVD, the specially designed Cardio club and a welcome letter.   The Cardiogolf Fitness Program costs less than a private lesson or round of golf.  Cardiogolf is also a class that Karen teaches in Mooresville, NC.  Cardiogolf Certification is also available to LPGA/PGA teaching professionals and fitness experts.