Week 6/ Day 1 Cardiogolf Game Improvement Program

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KPJ’s Cardiogolf Game Improvement Program

Week 6-Cardiogolf Game Improvement Review

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Thursday-Ball Position Review

Friday-Cardiogolf Warm Up Review

We are at the halfway point of the Cardiogolf 12-week Game Improvement Program.  Time is flying and before you know it, winter will be over and we all will finally get out on the golf course.  Take advantage of these last few weeks of winter to improve your game fundamentals and your golf fitness.  Do something everyday to improve your game.

Note: To get more distance , try hitting the ball straighter instead of harder.  Concentrate on hitting the ball in the sweetspot of the clubface. If you have ever hit the sweetspot, you know that these shots fly farther than the shots you hit off-center in the heel or the toe.  For every quarter inch you hit the ball outside the sweetspot, you lose up to 10 yards of distance. So for maximum power, improve your swing technique to consistently hit the ball in the center of the clubface.

Watch this video to help you understand how to the ball more solid, in the center of the clubface.

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Colorado downswing

Grip Essentials

Grip Essentials

Nobody’s hands are the same, so you grip might not be the same as your fellow player’s, but that doesn’t mean it is wrong. How you join your hands together is up to you. There are three basic grip choices to find one that best suits you. Use whatever grip feels comfortable to you. Most importantly, use the grip that helps you square the clubface at impact with the least effort. Experiment with your grip by hitting balls with the different grips to see what works best.

Strive to form a neutral grip.


The Vardon Grip: The most widely used grip by golf professionals is called the Vardon grip, named after the grip’s inventor, Harry Vardon. This is where you piggyback the pinkie finger of your right hand on top of the forefinger of your left hand.

The Interlocking Grip: The interlocking grip is where you interlock the pinkie finger of the right hand with the forefinger of the left hand.

Baseball or 10-Finger Grip: This is where all 10 fingers are securely on the shaft, as if you were holding a baseball bat.


Learn to waggle

It is important to get the correct grip pressure before each swing, to keep your swing consistent.

Place your hands on the club and hold the club head just below waist high. The club head should feel heavy. If it feels light, you are gripping way too tightly and your won’t be able to release the club face and hit a good shot.  Make sure the grip pressure is the same in each hand, not tighter in one than the other. Keep the grip pressure the same throughout your swing. Don’t tighten or loosen your hands at the top of your swing, especially not at impact.

Learn to waggle. A waggle is a little motion each golfer does before hitting to ensure proper grip pressure and take tension out of her hands and arms. Hold the club above the ground just below waist high. Now make small, controlled clockwise circles with the club head, making sure that your hands stay securely on the shaft. The club head should feel heavy. If it feels light, you are holding it too tightly.  When you are confident that your grip pressure is just right, you are ready to place the club head behind the ball and swing.


On-Course Exercise

Consult your local PGA or LPGA Teaching Professional about your grip.  If you don’t have access to a teaching professional, video tape or take a picture of your grip and email it to me for a free evaluation.

Off-Course Exercise

Watch the Swing Essentials chapter from the Cardiogolf DVD.  To order your own copy of Cardiogolf visit Cardiogolf .

If you can’t make it to the golf course, work on your grip at home. 1. Make sure that you have a club in your office or living room so that you can grab it when you have time.  The Cardio Club is the perfect practice club to keep indoors.  It is shorten so that you can make full swings inside the house and not hit ceilings, furniture and walls. It is available at www.cardiogolf.com. 2. Practice putting your hands on the club whenever you can, even while watching TV. 3. Strive to form a neutral grip and work on keeping your grip pressure light.

Memorizing a neutral grip will eventually free up your mind to work on other areas of your swing.

Cardiogolf Infomercial

Since we are at the halfway point of our 12-week program, it is important to review your goals.  Make adjustments if you need to.  Change or make some new ones.  Be sure that you are doing something everyday to meet your goals.

Write Down Your Goals for the New Year

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Thursday-Ball Position Review

Friday-Cardiogolf Warm Up Review

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