Cardiogolf 1K Practice Swing Challenge Days 11, 12 and 13

The challenge is straightforward-simply make 1000 practice swings during the month to improve your swing technique and increase clubhead speed.

You don’t need to go to the driving range or golf course, you can simply make practice swings in your garage or living room at home a few minutes a day (just make sure that you don’t whack the ceiling or walls!)

If you don’t have enough room to swing a regular club,  use the ‘Shortee Practice Training Club’ by GolfGym.  Click here for more information. 

Thirty practice swings takes approximately 2 minutes to complete.  Follow my Instagram Page to see me make 30 practice swings a day for one month-Follow my Instagram at

Days 11, 12 and 13
Don’t Let Poor Posture Ruin Your Golf Swing
Over the next few days concentrate on your posture and set-up as you do your practice swings.  Stand in front of a mirror so that you can monitor your form.
Posture Drill-
Place a club along your spine as shown, bend into golf posture by bending at the hips, not the waist with slight bend in the knees.  Keep your spine and neck aligned.
Break it Down-make 30 practice swings a day for 30 days and you will have made 900 swings over the course of a month.  Okay, so it is not exactly a 1000 swings, but close enough (if you really want to get technical, you’ll have to take 33.3333 swing per day to reach 1000 practice swings).  The amount is not the point, the point is to be consistent with your practice; take a few minutes out of your day to work on your golf swing and get some exercise.

Take the challenge with me.  Email me at or post a note  on my Facebook page letting me know that you are up for the challenge.  Feel free to post pictures of yourselves practicing.  I will post reminders and more tips this month to help you achieve your goal of 1000 practice swings this month.

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