Front Hand Placement on the Club-Where is Yours?

“The best golf psychologist in the world is a square clubface”.

Ben Hogan

Everything you do before you swing determines how well your shot will turn out. You need to review the basics no matter what level golfer you are. Only once you have a solid and consistent set up can you develop other areas of your game like consistency and power.

Your grip may be the most important factor in hitting a solid shot. If your grip is incorrect, then you usually have to make compensations in your swing to get the ball to go where you want it.

Here is a way to check your front hand position to make sure club face will be square.

Grip Check
  1. Hold the club just with your front hand. Lift the club off the ground and extend your arm out so that the club is parallel to the ground.
  2. Notice the clubface position. If your thumb is placed correctly on the grip correctly, then the leading edge of the clubface will stay square.
  3. If your front thumb is on the club incorrectly, in a weak position, then the leading edge will fan open.
  4. Adjust your thumb until you can extend your front arm and the leading edge stays square.

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