Cardiogolf Daily Dose-Single Leg Balance Swings

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Your ability to stay balanced throughout your golf swing is important to create power. If you are unable to stay balanced, it is likely you will be limited in the amount of force you can apply to the golf ball while maintaining good fundamentals.

Practicing balance exercises will not only help you improve your swing mechanics but also will help you increase your power as well.

Single Leg Balance Swings
  1. Stand in a normal golf stance, holding a club.
  2. Move your back foot behind your front foot, you may have to narrow your stance to balance.
  3. Lift your back foot off the floor and try to maintain your balance on opposite leg.
  4. Make practice swings as you try to maintain balance on one leg.
  5. Repeat on opposite leg.
  6. Do 8 to 10 repetitions.

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