The Importance of a Basic Golf-Fitness Screen Part-1

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Many of you may be eager to start a golf-fitness program, but are unsure of how or where to start. The key to developing a golf-fitness program to fit your particular needs is to find out what golf-related restrictions, if any, your body has. Performing a golf-fitness screen can help you give you a starting point and determine what exercises you should be performing.

Build your own golf-performance team.  Build a team that can address your physical needs.  Your team my include: a golf professional, personal trainer, physical therapist, orthopedic specialist, massage therapist, chiropractor and even an ophthalmologist.  Everyones needs are different, so you will have to determine what specialist you need for your individual game.

Basic-Golf Fitness Screen Guidelines:
  • Do not do a warm-up before you try any of the golf-fitness tests.
  • The movements should never go to the point of pain or discomfort. Stop immediately if you are in pain.
  • The trainer should watch you do the movements in different angles and planes of motion for the most effective evaluation.
  • Consult your personal physician before doing a golf-fitness screen or any other exercise.
Basic Golf-Fitness Screen No. 1

Your ability to stay balanced throughout your golf swing is important to create power. If you are unable to stay balanced, it is likely you will be limited in the amount of force you can apply to the golf ball while maintaining good fundamentals.

Testing your balance will help you and your golf teacher or trainer determine what swing mechanics and power exercises to be performing.

How to Perform Test-

• Have the golfer stand facing forward with their arms extended out by their sides.
• Have golfer raise one knee off of the ground so that the foot is 6 to 8 inches off the ground. • Have golfer hold this position for as long as they can.
• Repeat this same exercise with the eyes closed.
• It is not necessary to test balance on both legs.

Scoring Your Results-

1-point-If golfer can stand on one leg with their eyes open for at 30 seconds or less.                                                                                                                         2-points-If the golfer can stand on one leg with the eyes closed for at least 30 seconds.                                                                                                               3-points-If the golfer can stand on one leg with their eyes opened and closed for at least 30 seconds.

If a golfer scored less than 2 points, they will want to improve their balance.

Practice something about your game everyday. #CardioGolfChallenge

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Karen Palacios-Jansen is a LPGA Class A Teaching Professional and a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in Golf Fitness. Karen serves as the National Vice President of the LPGA Teaching And Club Professionals Membership and has been voted as one of America’s  “Top 50 Golf-Fitness Professionals” by Golf Digest Magazine and  “Top 50 Instructor” by LPGA.  Karen received the prestigious LPGA National Teacher of the Year award in 2008.

LPGA Teaching and Course ProfessionalsKaren Palacios-Jansen is the creator of Cardiogolf, a golf-fitness program available at Cardiogolf.comKaren’s website at www.kpjgolf.comis a ‘must-see’ resource for golf and fitness instruction. Follow Karen online on Twitter and Facebook.

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