Cardiogolf Daily Dose-Benefits of Lunges for Golfers

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Benefits of the lunge exercise include developing strength and firmness in your lower body. The twisting part of this exercise teaches you to rotate over the resistance of your lower body just like what you need to do in the golf swing.

In Cardiogolf, we do a variety of lunges in different planes of motion. The reverse lunge with twist works the muscles differently than the forward and side lunges. All are good to help increase strength and mobility in lower lower body.

Reverse Lunge with a Twist
  1. Hold an exercise ball with both hands and extend your arms.
  2. Lunge backwards with your left leg, keeping your arms parallel to the ground.
  3. As you lunge backwards, simultaneously rotate your torso to the right, keeping your arms parallel to the ground, hold position for a moment.
  4. Return to the start position and repeat on the opposite leg.
  5. Do 8 to 10 repetitions on each leg.

Would you change the way you eat if you knew certain foods could help you play better golf?

Managing your food intake, hydration levels and adding certain nutrients to your diet can not only help you concentrate and focus more on the golf course, but also help you keep your heartbeat steady as you make an important shot or putt, help your muscles fire faster for more power, help you fight fatigue so you can play and practice longer and even keep your blood pressure down to help you keep your cool after a bad shot.

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