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Karen voted to the Inaugural List of the 50 Best LPGA Teachers, Presented by Women’s Golf Journal

LPGA Master Teaching Professional and creator of Cardiogolf, Karen Palacios-Jansen, recently listed as one of the LPGA’s Top 50 Best Teachers.

The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Teaching and Club Professionals (T&CP) membership announced today the launch of an annual recognition of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional’s Top 50 LPGA Teachers, presented in partnership with Women’s Golf Journal. This new initiative will identify and recognize the best LPGA instructors from more than 1,700 LPGA certified professionals worldwide. Click here to read more… 

About Karen:

In 2008, Karen Palacios-Jansen was voted LPGA National Teacher of the Year and in the past has been voted as one of America’s “Top 50 Best Women Teachers” by Golf Digest Magazine for the past 20 years. Recently she was voted to the Inaugural List of the 50 Best LPGA Teachers, Presented by Women’s Golf Journal.

Karen’s owns a golf events Company-Swing Blade Enterprises in Mooresville, North Carolina. She is a certified personal trainer, a Nike Golf Performance Specialist and Pilates instructor. Karen developed a golf-specific fitness system called Cardiogolf available online at and on DVD. Karen is a member of the Nike Golf Advisory Staff, where she participates in Nike product development and promotions.

Karen has appeared on The Golf Channel and is a regular content contributor to Golf Digest Magazine’s ‘Fitness Friday” column and other online platforms. Formerly trained by David Leadbetter, Nick Faldo and Jim McLean, Karen taught at their golf schools and academies for many years before she ventured on her own. She has been a member of the LPGA T&CP since 1994. In 2016, she was elected Vice-President of the LPGA T&CP.

Karen is also a freelance golf instructional and fitness writer, and formerly the managing editor for Golf Fitness Magazine. Her golf blog “KPJ Golf” is read by thousands of golfers each week. She has spent the last 10 years developing her online and social media presence and now has over 10,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and more than 100,000 views of her online video tips. Her blog, KPJ Golf, ranks 26th out of thousands of golf blogs according to Blog Rank and is ranked among the “Top 50 Golf Blogs” according to Blog Metrics Ranking. Karen is married to Olympic Gold Medalist speed skater Dan Jansen and has two step-daughters. When Karen is not teaching or playing golf, she is teaching Pilates at 15 to Fit Pilates, Barre and Fitness Studio in Mooresville, North Carolina. For more information, visit

Education and Career Highlights include:

  • Master’s Degree –Journalism, Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois 1990. Bachelor’s Degree-Speech and Theatre, Stetson University, Deland, Florida 1988
  • Elected Vice-President LPGA T&CP 2016
  • Voted to the ‘Inaugural List of the 50 Best LPGA Teachers’, Presented by Women’s Golf Journal.
  • Voted Golf Digest Magazine (Golf for Women Magazine) “America’s 50 Best Women Teachers” list 1997 to 2013
  • 2008 LPGA National Teacher of the Year
  • 2008 LPGA Southeast Section Teacher of the Year
  • Author LPGA Teaching Her Course– Researched, developed and wrote the curriculum for the LPGA Teaching Her Course-2015
  • Author Golf Fitness Book published by Taylor Trade Publishing. August 2011
  • 2003/2008 Voted by Golf Digest Magazine as one of North Carolina’s “Top 50 Teaching Pros”
  • 2000 Voted by Golf Digest Magazine as one of Florida’s “Top 50 Teaching Pros”
  • Over 100 published articles in magazines such as Golf Fitness Magazine, Golf for Women, Golf Digest Magazine, Golf Tips and Golf Magazine as well as many articles in local publications
  • Former Managing Editor Golf Fitness Magazine
  • Member of The Golf Writers Association of America
  • AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor


Congratulations Team USA

Team USA pose with the Solheim Cup after beating Team Europe 16 1/2 to 11 1/2 during closing ceremony of The Solheim Cup at Des Moines Golf and Country Club on August 20, 2017 in West Des Moines, Iowa. PHOTO

Congratulations to Team USA for an awesome win last week at the 2017 Solheim Cup over Team Europe.

Check out my Solheim Cup photo album-visit my Facebook page to see photos-Click here…

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Cardiogolf-A New Way to Practice

Take Your Practice Indoors with the Shortee Practice Training Club and Cardiogolf

Professional golfers know the importance of athletic development for golf. As a recreational golfer, you may not have the time to train like an elite athlete, but by simply adding a few swing drills into your daily routine, you can dramatically improve your game. And you don’t have to go to the golf course or driving range, you can do these exercises at home.

Introducing the Shortee Practice Training Club and Cardiogolf Instructional Videos. Great for indoor swing training and off-season conditioning. When you purchase the Shortee Practice Training Club you’ll receive Cardiogolf Instructional Videos to download and follow on your computer, tablet or smart phone.  I’ve teamed up with my GolfGym to help design the Shortee Practice Training Club.

Visit to get your own Shortee Practice Training Club and Videos today!

A New Way to Practice

Cardiogolf video series includes drills and exercises to help golfers of all levels improve their swing technique and get some exercise at the same time.

Making practice swings instead of hitting balls is a better way to improve your swing technique.  If you are trying to learn the swing or make a swing change, rehearsing the move without hitting a ball will assure that you are actually doing the correct move.  Repeating the motion that you want to achieve will help ingrain the move into your real swing.

Master LPGA Teaching Professional Karen Palacios-Jansen demonstrates swing drills and exercises in this video series that can be done at home with minimal equipment.  Using the Shortee Practice Training Club, Karen takes you through a batter of exercises to improve your game and get some exercise at the same time.

 Video Series includes:

  1. Half-Way Back
  2. Top of the Backswing
  3. Transition
  4. Impact
  5. Release
  6. Finish
  7. Weight Shift Drill
  8. Back Arm Only Drill
  9. Front Arm Only Drill
  10. 10.  Wrist Hinge Drill
  11. 11.  On-Plane Drill
  12. 12.  Wide Takeaway Drill
  13. 13.  Uphill Lie Drill
  14. 14.  Downhill Lie Drill
  15. 15.  Pump Drill
  16. 16.  Step and Swing Drill
  17. 17.  Step Weight Shift Drill
  18. 18.  Swing Positions Drill
  19. 19.  Speed Progression Drill
  20. 20.  Speed Drill

Watch the videos and simply follow along as Karen takes you through a battery of drills to help you improve your game and get some exercise at the same time. Visit to get your Shortee Practice Training Club and Video Series.

Summer Pilates Shape Up

When the weather is hot and humid, the last thing that you feel like doing is exercising, but keeping up your fitness is one of the best things you can do for yourself to stay healthy and injury free this summer.  Stay cool, take your exercise indoors and try Pilates.

Karen’s Summer Class Schedule

Pilates uses controlled movements, focusing on your core muscles to build body strength, flexibility and endurance. It’s a total body conditioning routine to help you strengthen, lengthen and tone muscles without high impact movements.

Cardiogolf Creator, LPGA Teaching Professional, Golf-Fitness Specialist and Certified Pilates Instructor Karen Palacios-Jansen teams up with 15 to Fit Pilates, Barre and Fitness to help you take your fitness level or golf game to the next level.

Karen leads various Pilates classes to help you strengthen, lengthen and tone your muscles. Classes combine Pilates Reformers, Pilates Springboards and Cross Core Trainers for a total body workout.

Karen will also design an individualized fitness and or golf-specific workouts for you combining Pilates reformer exercises with her unique Cardiogolf fitness program to help you improve your core strength, posture, balance, flexibility and swing technique to build more a powerful and repeatable golf swing.

Visit to see schedule and sign up.  






Cardiogolf Makes Appearance at National Golf Day

Cardiogolf makes appearance as WE ARE GOLF Celebrates National Golf Day’s 10th Anniversary on Capitol Hill

Record 175 Congressional Meetings, Nearly 200 Attendees from 35 U.S. States Showcase the Game’s Benefits in D.C.

(WASHINGTON, D.C.)WE ARE GOLF – a coalition of the game’s leading associations and industry partners – visited Capitol Hill for the 10th annual National Golf Day to discuss the game’s nearly $70 billion economic impact, $4 billion annual charitable impact, environmental value to local communities and fitness benefits. A record 175 Congressional meetings were scheduled and nearly 200 attendees from 35 U.S. states participated.

Industry leaders met with Members of Congress, the Executive Branch and Federal agencies to highlight the two million jobs impacted by golf and the nearly $4 billion raised for charitable causes through 143,000 philanthropic events annually. Throughout the day, participants shared stories about the game’s 15,000-plus diverse businesses, tax revenue creation, accessibility, tourism, ecological value and the fact that one in 75 U.S. jobs is impacted by the industry.

This year’s event also included Mike Davis, Executive Director of the United States Golf Association (USGA), the PGA TOUR’s Billy Hurley III, and Olympic gold medalist Dan Jansen.

National Golf Day featured a day-long exhibit in the Rayburn Foyer with live lessons for Congressional Members and staff from 2012 PGA Teacher of the Year Michael Breed, host of “The Golf Fix” on Golf Channel and LPGA Teaching Professional Karen Palacios-Jansen, founder of Cardiogolf, a golf-specific fitness system.


WE ARE GOLF, created in 2010, is an industry coalition that communicates the economic, charitable and environmental impact of golf, as well the health and wellness benefits of the game and the affordability and accessibility of golf, to Members of Congress, the Executive Branch and regulatory agencies.  The goal of WE ARE GOLF is to ensure that laws and regulations that impact the golf industry are fair and appropriate to an industry that generates nearly $70 billion in economic impact annually, impacts close to two million American jobs and generates nearly $4 billion in charitable giving each year.

For more information, please visit