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Cardiogolf Daily Dose-Uphill and Downhill Lie Drill with Speed

This is your Cardiogolf 5-Minute Golf and Fitness Break where we work on our golf game and exercise at same time.

Practice something about your game everyday. #CardioGolfChallenge

Simply taking practice swings with your stance at different levels can help prepare you for how it will feel on the golf course. Use a step or bench to simulate the uneven slope. This will not only help your swing technique but help you develop strength and balance as well.

Here is another variation of the uphill and downhill lie drill.

Uphill and Downhill Lie Drill with Speed
  • Simulate an uphill lie by placing your front foot on a step or bench.
  • Lean your weight slightly towards your back foot and hold a club or hand weight as if you were going to hit a shot.
  • Swing to the top and stop to make sure that your weight is loaded into your back leg.
  • Feel the weight on the inside of the back foot and keep the back knee slightly flexed.
  • Step carefully over the bench and assume a downhill lie, angling your body towards the slope.
  • Take a full swing and hold finish. Make sure you pivot off of your back foot.
  • Repeat uphill and downhill lie drill for 8 to 10 repetitions.

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Karen Palacios-Jansen is a LPGA Class A Teaching Professional and a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in Golf Fitness. Karen serves as the National Vice President of the LPGA Teaching And Club Professionals Membership and has been voted as one of America’s  “Top 50 Golf-Fitness Professionals” by Golf Digest Magazine and  “Top 50 Instructor” by LPGA.  Karen received the prestigious LPGA National Teacher of the Year award in 2008.

LPGA Teaching and Course ProfessionalsKaren Palacios-Jansen is the creator of Cardiogolf, a golf-fitness program available at Cardiogolf.comKaren’s website at www.kpjgolf.com is a ‘must-see’ resource for golf and fitness instruction. Follow Karen online on Twitter and Facebook.

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Distance Reality Check

It might be depressing to read this article by Golf Digest, but most of us don’t hit the ball as far as we think we do.  The average male golfer likes to think he hits his driver 250 plus yards, but the stark reality is that he probably only averages 219 yards per drive, according to a new study by Golf Digest.

Game Golf Live, a wearable real-time shot-tracking system that received Golf Digest’s Editors’ Choice for Best Game Analyzer, provided data regarding the average driving distance from rounds played in 2016 (April to September). Breaking it down in two divisions — age and handicap — here are the median driving distances from golfers across the world-to see the full article visit GolfDigest.com.

My advice is to not get caught up too much in the numbers, comparing yourself to others.  Just play your own game.

To get more distance , try hitting the ball straighter instead of harder.  Concentrate on hitting the ball in the sweetspot of the clubface. If you have ever hit the sweetspot, you know that these shots fly farther than the shots you hit off-center in the heel or the toe.  For every quarter inch you hit the ball outside the sweetspot, you lose up to 10 yards of distance. So for maximum power, improve your swing technique to consistently hit the ball in the center of the clubface.

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