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LPGA and PGA Form New Alliance

The PGA TOUR and the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) announced this week that they have formalized their longstanding cooperative relationship by entering into a long-term, written strategic alliance agreement designed to further promote the growth of golf. This partnership between the leading men’s and women’s professional golf tours will include areas such as schedule coordination, joint marketing programs, domestic television representation, digital media and exploring the potential development of joint events.

This is great news for our LPGA Tour and Teaching and Club Professionals.  This means more television exposure for the LPGA, potentially larger purses for tournaments and more golf instruction available online and on television.  It’s a win for the PGA Tour as well because this alliance will attract more female golfers to watch and participate in tournaments.

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Meet LPGA T&CP Presidential Candidate Deb Vangellow

This year I am running for Vice-President of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional (T&CP) Division along with my Presidential Candidate Deb Vangellow.  The President of the LPGA T&CP  is an important position to help guide golf professionals and teachers and grow the membership.

The LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Membership was established in 1959 as an outgrowth of the LPGA Tour membership and has enjoyed an unprecedented rate of growth in recent years.

The LPGA boasts the largest membership of women golf professionals in the world. With more than 1,600 members, the LPGA T&CP membership is dedicated to the advancement of golf through teaching, managing golf facilities and coaching.

We pledge to set a course that will continue to move our Membership forward, especially during these challenging industry times.”     Deb Vangellow, LPGA T&CP Teaching Professional                                                                                                                                              

If our team is elected, our focus will be on a strategic plan of Awareness, Value, and Growth that will relate to the overall LPGA Mission and Focus: “Be the pre-eminent women’s sports organization by providing women the opportunity to pursue their dreams through the game of Golf” and will aligned with the T&CP Mission: “Be the recognized leader in golf education and the development of female professionals worldwide”.

I am honored to run along side Deb Vangellow, one of the most decorated and dedicated LPGA Teaching Professionals in the world.  Her career highlights include:

  • LPGA Master Professional at Riverbend Country Club/Houston, Texas
  • Current LPGA T&CP National Vice President                                                    
  • Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science Degree in Health/Physical Education/Coaching and Educational    
  • 2012 LPGA National Teacher Of The Year
  • Voted by Golf Digest Magazine as“ 50 Best Women Teachers in US”     
  • Lead instructor for LPGA Global Education Programs                         
  • US Kids Golf Certified Coach                                                                             
  • Player, Teacher and Coach                                                                                      
  • Leader and Champion of Women’s Golf

For more information visit-debvangellowgolf.com.

About the LPGA T&CP-

The daily operations of the LPGA T&CP are administered by a full-time staff based at LPGA Headquarters in Daytona Beach, FL.  The division has a seven-member, elected Executive Committee, consisting of a national president, vice president and the presidents of the five geographical membership sections.

Dana Rader is National President and Deb Vangellow is National Vice President.  The Section Presidents are: Marvol Barnard, Central Section; Rita Reasons, Midwest Section; Angela Aulenti, Northeast Section; Carol Preisinger, Southeast Section; and Malia Folquet, Western Section.

Past National Presidents of the LPGA T&CP Division Include:        Patti Benson (2002-2009)
Nora McGuire (2000-2001)
Kay McMahon (1998-99)
DeDe Owens, Ed.D. (1994-97)
Kerry Graham (1988-93)
Nell Frewin (1986-87)
Annette Thompson (1981-85)
Scherry Allison (1976-80)

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Why former Olympic speed skater Dan Jansen is such a fan of the LPGA

Written by-Pete Wallner who covers sports for MLive/Grand Rapids Press. Email him at pwallner@mlive.com or follow him on TwitterFacebook or Google+.

Legendary former U.S. Olympic speed skater Dan Jansen is a big fan of the LPGA for more reasons than one.

“I love to watch the ladies play because they don’t necessarily overpower a golf course,” he said Tuesday while playing in the Meijer LPGA Classic pro-am at Egypt Valley Country Club. “They get all of their power in their swing and they are very efficient.”

Jansen has been passionate about golf since he retired from speed skating more than 20 years ago. But he fell in love with the sport with good reason a little more than 15 years ago after he met his future wife, Karen Palacios,  one of the top LPGA golf instructors in the country.

Palacios-Jansen, the 2008 LPGA National Teacher of the Year, has worked with hundreds of men and women including PGA and LPGA pros.  She devised Cardiogolf, a method to improve swing mechanics and fitness levels.

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