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Practice something about your game everyday. #CardioGolfChallenge

Do the Cardiogolf Pre-Round Warm Up Routine.

Many golfers assume that walking and swinging a club for 4 hours during a round of golf is enough exercise.  It’s great exercise,  but it won’t help you get stronger.  You have to seek out strength exercises to develop muscle and get stronger.

Doing  side lunges with twist, is a great way to develop strength in your core, glute muscles, hips and legs.

The twisting portion of the exercise will help you train your ability to rotate your torso around fixed hips, similar to the motion needed in the golf swing for a powerful weight shift.

Side Lunge to Twist
  1. Start in a wide stance.
  2. Lunge to one side.
  3. Extend your arms out to the side.
  4. Twist from the waist and touch opposite finger tips towards opposite toes.
  5. Return to the start position and repeat on opposite side.
  6. Do 8 to 10 repetitions on both sides.

My friends at GolfGym were inspired by my Cardiogolf program and designed the New GolfGym 23″ Shortee Training Club for my students to practice indoors just like I do in Cardiogolf.

Practice something about your game everyday. #CardioGolfChallenge

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Combine your fitness and golf goals with these simple and effective moves.

Practicing at the range is the best way to improve your game, but if you have a swing fault, adding more repetitions will cause you to ingrain those troublesome issues into your muscle memory.

Cardiogolf, is a program designed to give you a battery of exercises to improve your body movement and swing technique. By consistently, repeating golf swing exercises without the judgement of where the ball is going, you can accelerate your improvement on the golf course.

As an added bonus, these moves will also help you work towards your fitness goals and improve your posture. Add these movements to your practice regimen until they appear in your swing comfortably and naturally for you on the golf course by taking the #CardioGolfChallenge –

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Today’s move-

Lunge exercises are a wonderful way to add strength and firmness in your lower body.  The twisting move also teaches you to rotate over the resistance of your lower body, a movement you need in the golf swing.

Forward Lunge and Twist

  1. Keep your arms parallel to the ground.
  2. As you lunge forward, simultaneously rotate your torso to each side and hold position for a moment.
  3. Return to the start position and repeat on the opposite leg.
  4. Do 8 to 10 repetitions on each side.

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