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5-Minute Cardiogolf Break-Uphill Lie Drill

This is your Cardiogolf 5-minute workout break where we work on your golf swing and exercise at same time.

In my opinion, daily practice is the key to success towards any goal.  Making 10 practice swings a day or exercising  for 5 minutes everyday will get you playing better and in better shape than  exercising or practicing for two or three hours once a week. First of all, it is always hard to find big chunks of time to do massive workouts or beat balls on the driving range.  Secondly, the long workouts or practice sessions usually lead to fatigued swings, injuries and ingrained bad habits.

There is something to be said about the momentum of taking small daily steps towards a goal that is cumulatively better than taking big steps with less frequency.

Practice something about your game everyday. #CardioGolfChallenge

When you play golf, you almost never have a completely flat lie on the golf course like you do at the practice range.  It may be difficult to recreate those sidehill, downhill and uphill lies on the practice range, but you can do it at  the gym or at home.

Simply taking practice swings with your stance at different levels can help prepare you for how it will feel on the golf course.  Use a step or bench to simulate the uneven slope.  Start with an uphill lie. Place your front foot on the bench so that you simulate an uphill lie.

The idea is to make a full turn and weight shift despite the restriction you may feel because of the uneven stance.

Uphill Lie
  1. Simulate an uphill lie by placing your front foot on a step or bench.
  2. Lean your weight slightly towards your back foot and hold a club or hand weight as if you were going to hit a shot.
  3. Swing to the top and stop to make sure that your weight is loaded into your back leg. Feel the weight on the inside of the back foot and keep the back knee slightly flexed.
  4. Rehearse your backswing for 8 to 10 repetitions.

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I Spotted Jason Day Doing Cardiogolf Drills

In this month’s Golf Digest Magazine, Jason Day gives some of his favorite golf tips to hit greens in regulation.  One of the tips is how to hit an uphill lie.  He practices by placing his front foot on a step to simulate an uphill lie, just like we do in Cardiogolf.

It is hard to practice uphill lies on the driving range because there aren’t any sloped lies, so the best way to practice is in the gym using a step to simulate the slope.

For the uphill lie, place your front foot on the step and angle your shoulders and hips the same as the slope.  You will feel like you have more weight on your back leg.  As you swing back, keep the flex in your back knee.  At the top of your swing, you will feel the weight on the inside of your back foot.  Where people go wrong is that they straighten their back leg, shifting their weight towards the target, the opposite of what you want to do.

On the downswing, follow the slope letting the clubhead swing up the slope not into it. Even though you won’t be able to follow-through completely, make sure you swing the club shaft so that it touches your shoulder on follow-through for a complete swing.

Do what Jason Day’s coach Col Swotten says, “follow the earth with your clubhead”.

PHOTO CREDIT-Golf Digest Magazine